for car drivers


Pray rosary

at work




                                          for bikers



for people

with amnesia

Your versatile Rosary

"Memory Rosary"

  How memory rosary works?


It is made of steel. Its operation is very simple. On the surface there are small grooves on which the magnetic ball is moved. Even if something prevents you from praying, the rosary will remember where you left off and you will be able to continue without problems. The three upper holes are a prayer for faith, hope and love. Five horizontal means the mysteries of the Rosary. The next vertical is 10 angelic greetings.

in form of a cross

to wear on the neck

or in hand

mini size

6x3 cm

Advantages of the rosary

for individual groups

at work


in car


on bike


  • always with Mary

  • pray the rosary at work

  • does not interfere while working

  • you have 2 hands free

  • you be careful

  • will pray a Pompeian novena

  • always with Mary

  • pray the rosary in the car

  • does not interfere while driving

  • you have 2 hands free

  • you be careful

  • will pray a Pompeian novena

  • always with Mary

  • pray the rosary on bike

  • does not interfere while riding

  • you have 2 hands free

  • you be careful

  • will pray a Pompeian novena


Anna and Damazy Kowalscy


" Hello, we have been married for 8 years. Thanks to our "passion", which is the rosary prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, we managed to create a "rosary of memory". The idea came from the need for prayer, for example in the car, on a bicycle, etc. We wanted to create a small, handy rosary that could serve today's busy man in almost every situation. We think it worked, but maybe you can try it yourself? "

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Damazy Kowalski


tel. +48 501 474 399



It takes two hours a day to pray the Pompeian Novena. An overworked man finds it difficult to reserve so much time for prayer in peace and quiet. We have a lot of work and duties, and the memory rosary is just for us, modern, busy people.

Thanks to it, you can pray during classes that allow you to divide your attention: when you return home by car or bicycle, house cleaning and shopping. It is worn on the neck and only after saying a part of the rosary You have to move the magnetic bead. So hands remain free almost all the time.



The memory rosary was invented from the need to pray in the car. Long routes are a waste of time but the rosary meditation can accompany us also then. The movement of the magnetic bead requires only a moment for Your hand to be removed from the steering wheel. It's like changing gear in the car.


Riding a bicycle through the forest can be a great opportunity for meditation. The memory rosary on Your neck will allow to consider secrets while riding. The movement of the magnet bead requires only a moment for Your hand to be removed from the handlebar. It's like wiping sweat from your forehead.

tightly nest in the grooves and stay there until you move them with your finger. One can say that the rosary, put off for a moment, "remembers" the position of prayer, therefore when something stops it, we start from the place where we finished.


Often when I prayed the rosary, the prayer was interrupted by the telephone. Well, you have to pick up. When I wanted to go back to prayer, it turned out that I do not remember where I finished. Mother of God will be angry - I thought and started from the first bead. It worried me. The memory rosary is made of steel, beads that move on its beams are made of neodymium magnets, which


The Memory Rosary is protected by a patent law. Patent pending no. P.423134


This page was created with a little help of Jesus and Mary.

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